About Us

Cherry Bomb takes pride in catering to your desires, taste buds and success! It is attention to detail and dedication in building unique menus, working in various venues, working with dietary and allergy needs while always staying within your budget that makes Cherry Bomb customers continue to come back for seconds!

Here are some things to take into consideration prior to planning your event:

  • Whats your style: How do you want to provide food for your guests?
    ~Tray service elegant finger foods circulating on trays for guests to mingle and nibble.
    ~Family Style Food platters served at each table. An intimate option, let your guest break bread together.
    ~Plated meals a more traditional approach with sit down meals
    ~Stations scattered groupings of food. A great way to keep a flow going & encourages people to mingle
  • Head count: How many people are you feeding?
  • Theme: Have you established a theme?
  • Venue: will it be outside, is there a food holding area, is the weather permitting, is the space equipped with tables, would the flow of traffic be congested ,etc?
  • Diets:Are there any food restrictions amongst your guests – nuts, gluten, vegetarian, celiac?
  • Budget: Have you established a budget that you are comfortable with?

Don’t let any of these things discourage you ~ Cherry Bomb Catering will walk you through all of this step by step with ease and professionalism.